Uchisar Castle Cappadocia

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The Uchisar Castle Village, a little village in Cappadocia, is the first region when you drive to Goreme from Nevsehir. Uchisar is a part of Red tour Cappadocia. The village is dominated by a huge rocks, (castle) which is mirrored in Ortahisar, a similar-sized but much less visited village because it is located out of the road from Nevsehir to Urgup road.

History of Uchisar Castle

This tall volcanic-rock outcrop and the tallest fairy chimney (1.350 m above sea level) is one of Cappadocia’s most prominent landmarks and visible for miles around. Riddled with tunnels, it was used for centuries by villagers as a place of refuge when enemy armies overtook the surrounding plains. Climbing through its mazy core to the panoramic vantage point of its peak is a sublime way to watch the sun set over the rock valleys of the Cappadocian countryside – everything from the fantastic hues of red on Mt. Erciyes to the Hasan Mountains, from Pigeon Valley to Avanos, from the Ortahisar castle to the town of Göreme